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In 2017, Russia fought a bloody and indiscriminate war in support of a brutal Syrian regime, armed rebels occupying eastern Ukraine, and continued its propaganda campaign targeting elections in Western democracies—the same campaign that helped to put Donald Trump in the White House.There's no reason to believe 2018 will be any different.C."It begins by recognizing that NATO expansion, for all its past accomplishments, has gone far enough," O' Hanlon asserted. presidential election in 2016 sent a signal to the West: democratic societies are deeply vulnerable to foreign influence," the Atlantic Council's Alina Polyakova wrote. If anti-Trump Democrats continue their recent winning streak and dominate the midterm elections in November 2018, as projected, they could deal a crippling blow to pro-Russia elements inside Trump's administration."We should seek, if Putin will do his part, to create a new security architecture for eastern Europe that would explicitly rule out bringing countries like Ukraine and Georgia into the 29-member alliance."O' Hanlon's proposal, were it to gain widespread acceptance, would essentially reward Russia for invading a neighbor in order to subvert the will of its electorate. With primaries beginning in the spring, lawmakers are running out of time to safeguard the vote with, for example, better cybersecurity.Repeating a strategy that Moscow used to decisive effect in the Republic of Georgia in 2008, infiltrating Russian forces quickly seized Ukraine's strategic Crimean peninsula before assuming a less direct role supplying and supporting pro-Russian separatists in the country's eastern Donbass region.That conflict dragged on through 2017 despite an official ceasefire in 2015. arms sales, claiming they could escalate the conflict.Vi et Online-Agentur fokus på kærlighed og ægteskab netdating kontaktannonser singles russisk kvinder.formidler seriøse kontakter mellem danske mænd alle aldre har ført mange flotte kærlighed.

"The Russian force grouping in Syria will concentrate its main efforts to provide support to Syrians in recovering peaceful life and observing reached ceasefire agreements," the Kremlin stated.

Moscow's ships and planes bombarded anti-regime fighters.

Russian special forces launched raids targeting opposition leaders.

Moscow insisted its aim was to destroy the Islamic State, but many Russian attacks struck communities and groups actively battling the terror group.

In fact, Putin's war in Syria is consistent with "Russian support for a long-standing ally and Russia’s stance against regime change," according to the RAND Corporation, a California-based think tank.

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Moreover, preserving the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad also preserves Russia's naval and air bases in Syria—and options for future campaigns against NATO and the West.

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