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Sometimes he would come out of the battle with bruises. Padre Pio even has a mysterious and sweet fragrance that is associated with him.But the story goes that sometimes Our Lady would soften the battles by miraculously placing a pillow beneath his head after the fights. When he is near, one can smell that miraculous fragrance.She told People in a statement on Wednesday: 'We are so excited for our new baby boy bundle of joy.The journey to now has not been an easy process, as I’ve shared before., Henderson’s miracle came in the form of an apparent accident.

“There’s been a few key periods in my life where I had to take a leap of faith and one of the biggest was for me when I was 27-years-old and I had had a history of alcohol abuse and I decided to get sober,” the .I had my own miracle through the intercession of this fascinating saint when I visited this shrine.At the time, I had been part of a large layoff by my company. I had sent out several applications then decided to hop on a plane and make a pilgrimage to Italy. I took a pilgrimage to the beautiful country of Italy.As a single person, I had travelled much and had seen numerous countries.

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“And she just stood there and listened intently to everything I had to say and there was something so warm about the way she was receiving my story that I just kept unloading more and more,” he added.