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This relationship have 1 week to prove itself, if it works good between you two it will be considered our job and responsibilities for the girl are ended.

If it will not work after a few dates so the man have a right to try over again with another girl who will come from overseas again at no charge, providing he paid already $ 5000 up to 5 more girls to try dating.

Indeed, throughout the courtship their man may have been proactive and keen to show his skills.

The change comes after the ring goes on the finger! Don’t put off ‘till tomorrow what you can do today!

Your self-esteem and self-confidence has been eroded, and any task presented to you, you believe would be rejected and unacceptable, because you fear the outcome. Instead, you should be as good as your word and complete the task as promised. You tell yourself, with conviction, that you will do the task later. The difference between procrastination and laziness is that when you procrastinate, the task to be accomplished, weighs heavily on your mind causing you to become stressed, and eventually you will come around to doing the task so that you can get it off your mind.

She can't date other man from our system any further.

If you know what they, then you could ask for help in doing the task until you feel able to do it alone• Make a short-term plan of your commitments and write down when you are going to attack them There might be a tendency to ‘give up’ and to continue procrastinating. Your life will be richer and far more satisfying if you teach yourself to stop procrastinating and start accepting challenges.

This will improve your self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, self-respect.

Our girls are coming from East Europe first for a short term and than if necessary they can come again and stay longer (this is the man responsibility).

Men, who are lazy are, usually, too comfortable in their relationships. You have given them the power to be the way they are, or at least to stay the way they are.

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