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During the summer, I pick tomato worms and give them to my flock.They are crazy for these fat green worms and run around the pen, squealing with delight. I also provide them with fish oil and fish meal throughout the year.During my years as a backyard chicken farmer, I’ve explored many choices and have narrowed it down to six items I consider the best for egg layers.• Meat Protein – Protein is essential to egg production.I do not recommend feeding your chickens meat as this tends to turn your chickens cannibalistic.

I have a large pen for my small flock and in one corner I have my compost pile.

If you talk to other backyard chicken farmers you will find many different opinions about this.

However, everyone agrees, laying hens need lots of calcium.

When feeding your chickens, don’t solely rely on commercial chicken feed.

Besides being the least healthy food to feed them, a green diet is better for them.

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