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These equipment changes included the adoption of the fully-armed cavalry (The choice for the dragon/serpent as model is not so easy to explain, because the steppe cultures used other animal's heads and continued to do so.However, it has been assumed that it was because of the Thracian dominance in Roman cavalry that the latter adopted the serpent shape.The draco head was most probably constructed by first carving a wooden original, then beating a copper alloy sheet around it.

It may have been used primarily to determine the wind-direction for the horse archers. The hollow head, in the form of a toothed dragon, was formed from metal and the wind passing through it would extend the cloth tube tail attached to the neck of the head.The draco was also used by the Dacians (or their allies) and no less than 20 of these are shown on Trajan's Column.Other sources mention Parthian and Sassanid Persian dracos. The one below on the left from Trajan's Column shows the tubular tail with streamers attached.Two holes of similar size are pierced through both the throat and the skull behind the crest.No doubt a staff or the shaft of a spear would pass through here.

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One should be given to each unit to maintain order in both displays and battle.

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