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The suit seeks to reduce the metabolic cost of carrying a typical assault load, as well as compensate for the weight of the suit itself… “Heinlein’s Child,” an introduction to Heinlein's Children by Joseph Major (Chicago: Advent Publishers, 2006) online at: 21 April 2015). “We Can Make Real ‘Starship Troopers.’” Proceedings of the Naval Institute Vol. a Warrior Web suit system is not intended to interfere with current warfighter ‘soldier systems,’ such as external body armor, rather it aims to augment them to improve warfighter effectiveness.”In 2009 the Army published the “Future Soldier 2030 Initiative,” which was designed to spark a conversation regarding how soldiers will be equipped in the future. The Hardiman project never advanced beyond the prototype phase and was finally abandoned in 1971 because of serious stability and weight issues. However, the idea of a fighting suit did not die there. Typical of this was Joe Haldeman, author of The Forever War, who read the novel in 1961 when he was 19 years old. Also typical was the veteran who reported when he shipped to Southeast Asia in 1970 that he took only three books with him: Stranger in a Strange Land, Lord of The Rings, and Starship Troopers. Heinlein drew on his knowledge of this when writing about the Mobile Infantry.

One writer compared it to a "Victorian children's book," and Anthony Boucher, the founder of F&FS, stated that Heinlein had "forgotten to insert a story" among all the politics.In reaction to that ad, Heinlein and his wife, Virginia, founded the Patrick Henry League to support America’s continuing nuclear testing.Heinlein was attacked for his views and wrote the novel to defend and explain his outlook on politics and the military.The most controversial part of those politics is the concept that in Heinlein’s future society, the Terran Federation, only veterans may vote, hold political office, serve in the civil service and teach certain courses in school such as History and Moral Philosophy.Otherwise, the Terran Federation is a model of classical liberal representative democracy.

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Dropping infantry soldiers from spaceships is still out of reach as a technological and military goal, but the development of powered armor is just within the realm of possibilities.

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