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However, Bilaniuk, Deshpande, and Sudarshan deserve an honored place in the history of physics for getting a conversation started on the possibility of hyperluminal particles.

If we continue with the revolving charge model, we may calculate the electrons mass-energy by treating this revolving point charge structure as if it has no mass in and of itself.

The binding energies used were the cutoff energy of the μ → e decay curve.

That derivation is relatively long ( 27 equations ), and is provided in Section 7, below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any unresolved issues or questions that might arise with any derivation here or elsewhere on this page, see Section where it is likely that it was considered.

It must also be noted that the above is not an ad hoc model of the electron.

It came as a result of modeling the electron by utilizing a muon and a negative mass tachyon.

It provides the physical mechanisms behind the electrons measured parameters. ( Click on the links below in order to jump to the content ) 1. Nuclear physics equipment at the University of GA in the late 1950s. The Compton wavelength will be central to our development of the electron model as well as for the first Bohr radius in a Section 6.

(1-1) Next, if an observer were standing near the circular orbit of the revolving particle, the current that he would see passing him would be given by the number of charges per second passing by him, or (1-2) where we use the orbital frequency from Eq. Having obtained the current generated by the revolving charge, we now multiply the current by area.

I.e., the magnetic moment of an orbiting charge, μ, would be the product of the current passing a point on the orbit multiplied by the area of that orbit.

In this model, the electrons charge revolves in a Compton wavelength orbit at exactly speed of light as if it were a bound, or trapped photon [ 1, 10, 25 ] The electrons radiation mechanism and its converse of why the internal revolving charge does not radiate its energy away in a cyclotron fashion is covered in Sections 1.8, 1.11 and 1.12.

See Section 4 for the mechanism that keeps the charge revolving in an orbit.

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That is, we have derived the Bohr magneton, which is defined as and which is the known magnetic moment of the electron.

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